Jewish stock

A special position among the Br(a)unsteins is taken by the Jewish families. The earliest reports about them are found in the Romanian-Ukrainian border region. Because these people hardly turn up in the German language area, they have drawn my attention only in the last stage of my research. Consequently they are poorly treated in the chronicle. It has been found however, that the big majority of the present-day Brun- and Braunsteins in the new world (being thousands of them !) belong just to these families, so that they form now worldwide the greatest Br(a)unstein stock.
That was a reason - though I myself am not Jewish - to give them special attention in this web site.

I call on all Jewish Br(a)unsteins for help to develop this page.

Provided on this web site are:

  1. The complete text of the concerning chapter of the Chronik Brunstein (in German).
  2. “Stories” (in English), miscellaneous texts about Br(a)unsteins, most of them found on internet. Any further contributions will be gratefully received.
  3. “Fragments”(in English), contributions for a concept family tree, provided by any correspondents.

Please, see if you can help with any information to make this page increase. Especially needed are ancestor lines reaching back in Europe (Ukraine, Romania).

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