The research on my ancestors

In my firm belief a person is only really dead, when he or she is forgotten, when nobody knows any more that he/she ever lived. This was the profound motive for my interest in my ancestors as early as my childhood. I want “to bring them back into life” by gathering information about them. So, I have practiced genealogy for over 50 years, depending on my life´s circumstances with intervals, either superficially, or just intensively and thoroughly, as time permitted.

Now I believe the time has gradually come to get around to winding it up, and to see that all my achievements will be preserved for future generations, so that the persons in question will not be totally forgotten again. Partly this has already been accomplished by publications in book form, in journals or on CDRoms, partly it will be realized on this web site.

My research findings, now about direct ancestors, then describing wrong tracks (may be important for others !), can be classified as follows:

1. My ancestry table.
2. Bruijnsteen and Bruijnesteijn.
3. Brunstein and Braunstein.
4. Coppenrath.
5. Van Lammeren.
6. Halvegge and Væbner.
7. Halewegh.
8. Van Heilewegen.

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Needless to say, that I appreciate to get in contact with others, who can provide additional information, or who are interested in my findings. You find my e-mail address under the navigator on the left side of your screen.

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