The first millennium
A different perspective on the history of the low countries

Articles: (only in Dutch)

Delahaye and Ptolemy's Geographia
     A confrontation

Delahaye and the Roman travel guides
     A confrontation

     Ignored by the historians

Comparative chronology
     Ancient Roman, Julian and Gregorian,
     The year Zero and other mistakes

The Roman roads in the Netherlands
     Are the common ideas really correct ?

Some Frisian toponyms in the first millennium
     Where were these places situated and how sure is that ?

The Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman world
     A review

Roman units of length
     Feet and miles in antiquity

The Low Countries during the Dunkirk II Transgression
     A blank in the Dutch history

The Roman travel guides - Itineraria Romana
     The peutinger map - the cosmographia of Ravennas - The itinerary of Antoninus Augustus.

Productions: (only in Dutch)

The Roman travel guides - Itineraria Romana
     Announcement and review of a text and map edition